Skill progression

Hi, it seems that my skill progressions are simply never progressing. Exercises I regularly do through the coach workouts do not get ticked off in the skill progressions. If I do those as individual exercises (with up to 50 reps) they also do not get ticked off in the skill progressions. This part of the app just seems broken.


You aren’t able to work on a skill Progression on your current Journey :point_down:t2:


It’s really a pity that it doesn’t work. I’d have loved to work on the handstand walk. But it seems that my “Muskelaufbau ohne Gewichte” / “Muscle gain without weights” Journey doesn’t allow for that.
But it’s good to know why it doesn’t work. Thanks for the response!

That’s weird because it should work. The focus of the journey Muskelaufbau ohne Gewichte are body weight exercises, including handstand walk. Also I am in the same journey and I have skill progressions.
Only these journeys don’t have skill progressions: Run further, Run faster, Run and burn, BB gain/tone, Hardcore, DB gain/tone, KB fundamentals

Please also check in your Skill progression section in the app, if you don’t have a message.
Often coach settings (No space, quiet mode, mandatory equipment, etc…) are the reason for the Skill Progression to be blocked.