Progression Journeys to master skills

Please add Journeys to master a skill. For example basics like “Handstand Progression”, “Pistol Squad Progression” or “Pull-Up Progression”.
Here is a example for the last one. You are guided to make your first 5-10 pull-ups in a row.

Step 1: Austrian Pull-Ups
You need to manage to do 10 reps in a 45 degree angle to move on to the next step. Tracking your progress with the app

Step 2: Negative Pull-Ups
Do Step one and then start to do 10 reps of step two. Jumping up to the bar and slowly lower yourself down. Let go and jump up again.
If you are able to do all reps of Step 1 and 2 with perfect form, you can move on to step 3

Step 3: Pull-ups
Do all the previous steps and then do 10 Pull-ups.

This journey would be taking as long as you need to be able to do all the progressions and master the skill you want.

It would be nice to also have that for stretches like the “pancake stretch” to ingrease flexibility for those who would like to do that.


It shouldn’t be the entire journey but a bit more involvement from the progressions would be great :v:

You are right… Maybe a journey is not the right thing. There should be a separate section for skill progressions :thinking:

I am with you.
I would love to work on the progressions outside of the journey.
Same for stretching :slight_smile:

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This is something I suggested several years ago while visiting Freeletics HQ, which then resulted in the Skill progression system we now have integrated in all BW Journeys.

This said, the current solution isn’t really helping in my experience. Any skill I’ve mastered needed more stages and volume. The main problem is how genetics play a huge role, so you can not have a one-size-fits-all solution. I’ve mastered Pistols in very little, while it took me 7 years to only wall stand and still nowhere near a single handstand pushup after 12 years! I can perform 20 strict pullups, but not a single muscleup. In Calisthenics you pick one skill, which becomes the centre of your training, with anything else becoming accessory training. I do think this aspect of the training needs to be reconsidered from Freeletics.

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