Skill Progressions

I like the new feature of skill progressions very much. But with that a few questions pop up about the programming. With the skill progressions you should learn new skills obviously … The pull up progression says, you first do scapula pull ups (great), then butterfly pull ups (WTF?!), then chin ups and finally pull ups ,

I personally think that this is not a way to learn a pull up. Or am I misunderstanding something? The step between scapula pull ups and butterfly pull ups is huge. And butterfly pull ups should only be done, when you are strong enough for a few (perhaps 10) strict pull ups …

what about negative pull ups or assisted pull ups?

Hi @Rupfer79, I just had a look and the second progression is not quite a butterfly pullup. It is a pullup using the momentum of your knees. The butterfly pull-ups is an exercise in the Freeletics exercise library, however, it is not the one prescribed in this progression.
I have chosen the pullup as a skill to progress to and to be honest, even though the pure skill progression path doesn’t include negative pull-ups or jumping pull-ups; the Coach will include these during your interval trainings to also help you in your Skill Progression.

Hope that helps!


Ah, okay. Thank you for the answer! My mistake!
I will delete my coment in a few hours.

Edit: I can’t delete it …

No problems at all :slight_smile: