Skipping ahead in a journey

Hey there, I’m doing the dumbbell journey and it is broken into 3 parts. The first 4 weeks are an ‘intro’ phase that focuses on technique and higher reps. While this is probably great for most people, I’m fairly well versed with dumbbell exercises and have been doing a lot of them for years. Is there a way I can shorten or skip this first section?

Hey Matthew :wave:t2: Welcome to the Forum :+1:t2:

The quick answer is “Not really”. There is no way to skip through part of the structure of any Training Journey and I don’t think this is a feature that we would consider at the moment in time.

The other, only slightly longer answer is that all the Training Journeys are science based to ensure that you make the best progress possible-so why would you want to! I like to use the analogy of a top level cyclist or runner, they are not constantly training at the highest level possible, but rather in a usually time based training cycle. Even professional runners spend weeks focusing on their running technique during their Training cycles.

The initial stage of these Weights Journeys really is useful no matter how experienced one might be.