What journey choose next

I passed the dumbbell journey that I enjoyed a lot despite sometimes really a long (approaching 2 hours) trainings. Then I did the Kettlebell journey that was more dynamic and much shorter sessions (around 50 minutes at max). I do not share some other people opinions that is is not a journey for beginners. In my opinion it is doable. Nevertheless the progress of gaining strength is not so significant by contrast to the dumbbells journey. At least from my experience. And the question for me to answer is what to choose next. Repeat the dumbbell journey? Or choose some equipment based training on daily baisis on my own? If you guys have ideas I would love to read them.

Barbell journey? I have only just started it but so far I like it. My 1st session was 1hr and it was a bunch of exercises with a barbell, complemented by one exercise with a pull-up bar and a two on a mat, one of which was using a weight plate and the other a bodyweight one.
I thought it was a very complete workout.

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Thank you for your tip. I’m afraid I have no access to any barbells so I was hesitating between weights free Gain or anything else but in the end I have come back to the dumbbell gain journey and going through it for the second time.

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Ah, oops, sorry I somehow assumed you were doing it at a gym.

Glad you picked one. I think it is totally good to do the same journey twice. I noticed the 2nd time won’t be the same. And you can make Coach give you even more new exercises by logging them separately from you session (haven’t tried this with Dumbbell journey but definitely works with others).

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Thank you for your reaction. You’re right the 2nd run is not the same. And secondly, you are also right that it is possible to interrupt a training session, include some other exercises, and then finish the training prepared by the coach. This is a great feature that is not so obvious for users I think. I really like freeletics app a lot but some functions are in my opinion hidden or rather not explicitly advertised in the application that requires user to do some research. Some may give up, some will find the options.