Small button to close workout

@Ben How long do I have to fret about this until the problem is understood and the UX Researcher (who I’m sure only meant well) recognizes the problem?

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Same problem here.
It seems like a wanted updated and let me say this is horrible in terms of usability of the app.


Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback here.

Since this is not a bug, I have forwarded it to our Product Team.

Best :wink:


Same here. It’s super annoying. I’ll ask that UX designer for performing 3xTantalus or 2xMedusa and then touching this button he designed.

It’s ok if you need the button for new users, but leave an option of swipe for pro users who have been using the app for 5 years, and even small changes can decrease their workout experience.


I would agree with the other comments that this isn’t user friendly to finish a workout. However, I also had issues with this new feature that the “Finish” button on my Apple Watch does not work to actually finish the workout. I tried hitting the finish button several times on my watch just to make sure I actually hit the button and it did not work.

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Going forward with a workout includes switching to the next exercise and finishing it. Why would I need two different actions within a workout? Go forward, end it … all the same.
So please, graping the phone is hard enough after an exhausting workout, hiting that small button is nearly impossible.


Ouh… there is a very big and unproductive discussion about the rejection of the apple watch features… :joy:

Quite agree. Being on Android 13 I have tried to press the Finish button at the end of a hard workout and instead hit the phone Home button taking me out of the Freeletics app. The resulting faff to reopen Freeletics and press the Finish button looses several seconds. Sorry, but not a great update as the Finish button, located bottom middle of the screen, is too close to other phone functions


Same with me, i liked it better when touching the screen to finish workouts… i don t mind losing seconds, but from a UX point of view, it is easier and faster, more intuitive to just touch the screen.


Couldn’t agree more, why would they go backwards by introducing a button, I don’t know if they have just done it to see how badly it will be received or if they actually thought it was a good idea?! If it isn’t broken, please don’t fix it :joy:


@admins As part of a forum-best practice, a developer would have to get in touch, write a time until when the problem will be solved and close the topic. Somehow I have the feeling that nobody listens to us users… please get in touch, the button problem really sucks!


I’m sure there will be no move back.

I agree with all of the above reasons! I like the new update, but this button wasn’t the best idea :crazy_face:
I hope wiping and tapping on the screen will be possible again to finish a workout!


Hey everyone :wave:t2:

Thanks for all the comments and feedback :+1:t2:

So, I will try and share some of our thoughts here :point_down:t2: but essentially it helps us to solve a few problems to the post-work flow, where we are trying to reduce the number of unnecessary screens and “taps” that one has to make.

So for any non-time sensitive workout eg a skill or interval, taking the time to click on a “Finish” button shouldn’t be a problem.

It starts to become a bit more debatable when we come to more time-sensitive workouts like Gods/Finishers, but we do think that the time taken to tap on the button is not hugely significant for most people, also bearing in mind that those of us very used to the previous method will get used to this change.

We do still believe that the benefits of this, do outweigh the downsides as it allows us to remove yet another post-workout screen - but we will keep an eye on it.

Also, just a note that if the last exercise of a workout is time-based, the workout is saved upon completion, so there’s no need for any taps here. Only the Congrats/Resume screen has been removed.

Just a note that I’m going to move this to “Feedback” as it’s not a bug but rather a deliberate change that we have made here.

Also, a final note that I appreciate everyone’s open feedback-and we do both value and discuss this in the team.


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Hi @Ben,

Thank you very much for understanding, explaining and forwarding to the team. :clapclapstatic:

But (There is always one, isn’t it? :smile:) … If I understand correctly, your reasoning to use a finish workout button is to remove the “Congrats/Resume” post workout screen that allows you to go back to the last exercise?
So your argument is that it is easier to unintentionally close the workout with a screen touch / swipe instead of a dedicated close button? :thinking:

Well, I personally never ever used this feature. To me it doesn’t make sense to be able to go back to the last exercise, but not the one before and not the one before that. Why is your argument not valid to all interval and god workouts when switching to the next exercise? Maybe I did that unintentionally too!?

So let’s compromise: You remove the post workout screen, but allow us to finish the workout with screen touch / swipe …

Pretty please with sugar on top :muscle:
Thanks & Regards


I always appreciate further developments. And freeletics has now become an incredibly comprehensive training tool.
My full respekt to the team and the developers.
But what i also appreciate is a degree of consistency.
It is difficult to constantly adapt to new views, features and so on. Especially if you don’t know about this beforehand.
I think it would be an idea to release only one update per year.
To inform the users in advance about this and to test this update beforehand with many long-term users.
I would like to make myself available to this.

Best Regards

Thanks for your explanation! Basically I understand the approach to eliminate the next screen. But I also don’t mind doing a swipe without the UI moving… so it would be really awesome if you could bring the swipe back. I’m a software engineer myself and I know from my own experience that exactly these little things against usual routine bring a lot of displeasure to the user (see all the posts above…). With every new fancy update (like the background color at the moment) I get annoyed that the focus is not on what is essential for the user.


Thanks for the explanation Ben, appreciate you taking the time to explain. I kind of understand the rational, but have a feeling that it is sadly a wrong move, consistency is key, and by adding the button (a rather small button) it creates a real user dissatisfaction, as shown above. I know some people new and old will just continue without giving feedback etc. But as a user of something like 8 years now, this was the first time I felt so strongly that you had made the wrong move. Why can’t the final screen become a large button in itself, maybe you apply a different colour to indicate that it’s the final exercise and then all you have to do, like with all other exercises is click or swipe on the screen. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a software engineer, but if the goal of the button was to improve user experience, then you need to look at it again, either make the button big, like half the screen, or just go back to the lovely version previously in great working condition, pretty please


@Ben so any update on when we get rid of the button and go back to the better solution, it’s so annoying now that everytime I do a workout, I am getting pissed off, maybe I need to work on my mental strength, but my workouts are a time where I get out of my head and just workout. Now I find myself irritated and frustrated each time I use freeletics. Have no issues with any of the other updates, but this button, just doesn’t make sense for the reasons u have given, can’t see why it’s been done :sob:


I feel with you Chenhen91!
Freeletics made me so unbelievable prod, so many years, but now it make me frustrated. This small button destroyed so much, that i can’t believe it.
And of the reactions from the moderators and admins here i only feel kicked.

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