Suggestion for Coach

The Coach should have an Option to replace a barbell exercise.

In the menu we should place an exercise we want to improve.

Rowing should be able to include in the Coach. Like Freeletics Gym.

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Hi @dennist2709 , welcome to the forum!

I believe Freeletics is currently working to improve the training experience and hopefully replacing or even adding barbell exercises will be on the list.

Concerning the rower, i believe that Freeletics tried and worked on it but it was more complex than anticipated. Hopefully in the future…


Hey there!

Would you like to replace eventually or not to have them?

You can select some exercises and equipments to be added or removed.
Go to the coach tab, select the gear top right … there you can manage equipments and exercises.

Does this help with what you need?

Hi, I want to replace Pull Overs in my Hybrid Strength Coach. But I can’t select this exercise. Ist’s not listed…

Doing an equipped Journey, it’s not possible to exclude equipped exercises

Yeah I know but this should be in a Update, because pull Overs hurts my shoulder and my doctor told me to Change this exercise.

It would be easier to read and understand all your suggestions if you would collect them in your initial post.

Concerning injuries and the wish to swap exercises, Ben wrote this

@melaLetics you are No Help. Quitting this App ist no Option Just because I cannot perform one exercise…

@TomG that was a good answer. I am waiting for this Update :slight_smile:

Hey Dennis…

one thing you can do is sent a feature request at the specific forum for that by clicking here

This is the feature request forum under the English one.

There you can add a mention to Ben by adding @Ben to your post