Replace single workout

Would be amazing if we could replace an exercise with another one into our training journey :muscle: :raised_hands: :grinning:

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Could you please explain that in more detail? Why would you generally replace one exercise with another? What would be the reason to replace … let’s say pushups with … squats?

If there’s a specific exercise that you can’t do for some reason, you can disable it. The coach will no longer assign it to you, but you will still be given exercises to train all muscles and body parts.
You can even exclude muscle groups for your coach tag, which makes perfect sense if, for example, you did something the coach doesn’t know about.

But generally for the journey? :thinking:

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Okay i was meaning that, while I’m into my journey made by the coach I wish to replace a single exercise instad to ask for a new or different full workout.

For example If my journey includes push up i wish to have the chance to replace it with an exercise that can train same muscle group but with other variant.

Push up i could swap with bench press…

Squat with leg press…

I hope it’s clear enough cause my english is pretty horrible :confused:

Ok, thanks for the explanation. I personally don’t think this will come anytime soon, but one never knows :man_shrugging:

Freeletics offers bodyweight journeys that only include bodyweight exercises. It wouldn’t make sense in those, to replace a bodyweight exercise with a dumbbell/barbell/machine exercise, would it?
And then there are hybrid journeys that already have a mix of bodyweight and dumbbell/barbell/machine exercises. So if you start one of these and disable an exercise, the coach has no choice but to assign something else…

However :clapclapstatic: