Timing of hell week

Im doing my balanced burn journey currently. I just realized it will probably end during christmas which would give me a hell week during christmas holidays which i would like to avoid. I wanna try and adjust the # trainings/week so it either is before or after that.

When exactly does the hell week start? After the 48 sessions in the journey? At session 41 of the journey (last 7 each day). Always on a monday?

FYI im now on session 16, training every other day so 3,5 sessions per week.

The Hell Week will be the last seven days.

Hi, yes I get that but still I’m unsure on the exact timing. I assume it starts on Monday, just like a normal week where on sunday after i did my session then i see the workouts for the next week.

But suppose sunday is session 38. Then it does another week of normal sessions and (with 4 a week) i get the hell week @ session 42 on the next monday? Right now i have to guess between 3 weeks.

It starts the day you choose to start.
If your regular training days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday - it would start on Monday.
But if your last training day on the week regularly is Friday, you could start your hell week on Saturday.

In a nutshell: distribute your remaining training units so that you have Christmas free (it doesn’t matter if you do Hell Week in a calendar week).

And just to be exact: there are Training Journeys without a Hell Week (like the Barbell or Running Journeys or the Beginner Journey) or with a Hell Week in the week before last (Freeletics Hardcore)

Ok, got it. Thanks!

Looking forward to the hell week but also fearing it haha.

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