Training for duathlons

I am training for duathlons . While I have a running coach who helps me with running plans , I am looking at training plans / journeys here which can help me with 1- strength and conditioning and 2- cycling training

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@satyajit.shetty Welcome at the Freeletics forum! If you already have a Running Coach and don’t want to run in your Freeletics Coach sessions, I would recommend you a Bodyweight or a Weights Training Journey. Here you can find an overview about all the Journeys. If you have experience with Weight lifting and access to Weights, I would recommend you the Training Journey “Hybrid Strength”. It combines (explosive) strength training with cardio, helping you to build muscle in the legs for cycling and running. If you don’t have experience or weights, I would recommend the Bodyweight Journeys “Explosive Strength” or “Weights Free Gain”.

Hope this helps!