Shifting from weight loss to Muscle gain.Help!

Hi Guys

So It’s been 6 months doing the Cardio burn program, which worked really well with me. At this point, I need to change my workout to start increasing my mass levels and gain muscle, and to build shape for beginners of course :slight_smile:

I’ve tried the Barbell Gain program however I don’t have a gym and I can’t do it. I’ve tried the Weights-Free Gain program, but still, I feel it’s not the right program for me that will help me to increase my muscle mass.

I can’t find a journey that includes dumbbells, pull bar, kettlebell. The weird thing I can find them in the separate on-off exercises but not part of an integrated 12-16 weeks program

Can you help me, please :slight_smile:


Hey @walidonline! :slightly_smiling_face: Great to see you in here :clapclaptwo:

Out of the solely bodyweight focused Training Journeys, “Everyday Strength” and “Weights-Free Gain” are definitely the closet related to muscle gain and bodyweight strength-hypertrophy. Still, these are bodyweight based Training Journeys and therefor not built on the principle of hypertrophy as the main framework, but more focused towards a HIIT-circuit met-con type of experience.

Without being able to make any promises, you might be able to train with Dumbbells and / or Kettlebells with your Coach - so within a Training Journey - fairly soon.
I have definitely forwarded your feedback on that… :wink:

Hope this helps and answers your Qs? :pray:

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@max Hi max, I can’t seem to find the raining journeys that you mentioned (everyday strength and weight free gain) on my app. My app is updated.

Where should I look?


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Hey @aarti :wave:t2:

Welcome to the Forum!

You can find these via “Training Journeys” in your Explore tab :+1:t2: They can be hard to find so the below screen recording might help here :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s strange as I don’t have the same ones . I have one called natural tone so perhaps I’ll try that one

Hey @aarti, you deserve an apology here! This is a good example of unconscious bias coming in to play. As a guy, this is the name given to these Journeys for male users.

Fit & Toned is the equivalent Female user Journey name for Everyday Strength.
Natural Tone is the one for Weights-free Gain.

Sorry for this :clapclapstatic:


Thanks for the response - not sure I personally agree with freeletics’ approach on this. Women want to be strong too!


@aarti I completely understand-it is something that we have taken feedback on previously and I can make sure we add your own voice to this discussion :+1:t2:


Totally agree with Aarti on the language stuff there. It feels really off when I see my BF getting a different title on what seems to be very much a similar training journey.