Weights free gain vs explosive strength

Hi, I am currently 2/3 into the dumbbell gain journey and although it feels great I think I am losing on my endurance and stamina.

I have completed a weights free gain journey before the current one. I liked it and after it I was looking for an option to increase muscle mass, thus the dumbbell journey (I have no access to barbel).

So for the next one I would like something that allows to increase body mass but also work on endurance. I am thinking explosive strength but there is very little info about it. I know it is heavy on the god workout side which will definitely help with strength and endurance but will it build muscle?

Any suggestions for a journey that will enable muscle mass, strength and stamina?


I don’t have good recommendations but I would say what have I experienced with some of those journeys.

Weight free gains (WFG) I normally do 4 days a week, so first day is 2 intervals of varying length and difficulty more focused on strength than endurance, day two is similar with only one interval, day 3 is a short god and an interval and day 4 is a god.

For me, explosive strength (ES) doing 4 days a week, was like second, third and 2 times the fourth day of WFG. So first day with intervals, pretty similar to those of WFG, only at times with more endurance with jumping exercises. The gods that appeared to me on WFG and ES were almost the same, the main difference is that on ES I used to do a lot of Theseus

Well that gives a good overview on what to expect.

In terms of muscle mass, did you see any difference between the two journeys?

Thanks for the reply!

It wasn’t something I was checking per se, and my diet wasn’t strict so I can’t give you a good answer at the topic.

I did not find anything remarkably different though.

Cool. Thanks.