Training plan mostly core and thighs - need more upper body

I do a 3 day a week plan not using any equipment and my plan is mostly core and thighs. I would like to add some more upper body workouts but don’t know how to do it. Also wouldn’t like to mess with the program much as it’s ok for now.

Hi, which journey are you doing, is it your first one, and how many weeks have you done?
My feeling is this happens when people do the first week(s) of their first journey.

There is some advice in this thread. :point_down:

Hi Sofia, I’ve been using the coach for workouts for about 4 months 3 x a week. I had the app before about a year ago and stopped for a while so it’s not my first few workouts. The app must have some kind of AI as last week it started giving me a couple of push-up exercises. Still, it’s 90% core and thighs. I must add that I don’t use any equipment.
Ok - so the link you sent is very helpful. I might either add some upper body or change the journey… if balanced is only about cardio and muscle (that’s the official description), we can accept that the journey may be skewed towards lower body.

Glad the link is helpful, there is a lot of info. So the journey you are on is the same as the one discussed over there - Balanced Burn?

I think so. I didn’t want to mess with it as hopefully it knows better than me. It looks like that I have to give it more detailed info. :man_shrugging: