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Yes I do that, but not select this exercise to have a quick access to bit

I would like to have a “repeat button” at the end of your individual exercise or workout Incase we want to repeat the same thing again. It would be cool to also have a repeat button in the community page Incase we would like to repeat something we finished doing moments before. I made and example below.


Actually it would be interesting for me to be able to track EMS training and cycling in the App.
Another thing os that I cannot safe my filters in the free training section, so after every free training I always have to go through the whole filter process again and select another training with no devices. Favourites might be nice too here.

I am actually training for getting rid of my lower back tensions that come from the 8 hours of sitting in front of a pc everyday. Also I train for aesthetics. Do we have a special set of stretching those muscles that got shortened in the process of sitting and that are then hurting the spine of for the lower back? I am not talking about back and belly stretching, do you know what I mean?


Hey Fonzi :wave:t2:

We are working on something at the moment that will allow you to do something with the same result i.e. complete multiple sets of the same exercise, or even put together multiple exercises in to a single bespoke workout. From your screenshot I understand you’re using an Android device so you’ll be able to see the first step towards this in your app already :point_down:t2:



The Apple Watch app definitely needs some work. „Finish workout“ does not work at all and you have to scroll down each time you wanna go to the next exercise. Just really uncomfortable to use over all. Please redesign the Watch UI to be more usable.

Would be nice if you also add always-on-display functionality (there should be an api for workout apps) and heart rate is a must on the Watch app🙏🏻


Il s’agit probablement de ce bug qui est actuellement en cours de résolution:

I started sports again with the app and I am in my 11th perfect week. I don’t have much time to organize my workouts myself and the app suits me perfect since it’s easy to navigate and no work for me to prepare the workouts. On friday the workouts start to be marked in red so I guess the rumored hell week will start ? Looking forward to it ! Greetings from Germany and good job with the whole conzept !

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Hey Marcel, a big welcome to you :wave:t2:

Great to hear that you have chosen Freeletics to help you start some sport :smile:

YES! During Hell Week things look at a bit different in your app-the red colour is good hint and you’ll see 7 straight days of God workouts assigned by the Coach. But you’ve got this! We’re cheering for you :muscle:t2:


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Just a few additions to the poll:

  • I do use the dark mode, but I do not like the redesign. The main reason for me to use dark mode as much as possible is to save battery. But that only works if the background is completely BLACK (then AMOLED screens do not use any energy). The greyish tint you now use still needs the screen to be lit.
  • The new “finish workout” button is kind of understandable, but still a hassle from a UX view. All other screens and exercises before can be closed with a simple tap or swipe. Why should I suddenly hit a button to finish my workout instead of using the same gesture (tap or swipe) as before? Plus the main reason why you introduced the gestures to the app was that is easier when out of breath and sweating to simply tap anywhere instead of hitting a button. Why do you suddenly break this experience?
  • I would really recommend you toautomatically scroll the workout list down to the next workout part after I finished one part. Currently the app just goes back all the way up and to go on with my workout I have to manually scroll down all the way to find the next part.

Couldn’t agree more on all points! @CrystalEYE
The scrolling is a pain during workout: recently I accidentally skipped an interval - not a biggy but annoying if you see that too late in the progress.


Hi! I’ve only recently started to use Freeletics for my home workout. I love it !
I love following whatever set of exercices the coach plans for my day :slight_smile:
One thing I’d like to be able to do would be to change the duration of the workout. Sometimes they are too short but I love the content so I don’t want to change entirely the workout and just changing the duration is not an option
Other than that thanks for an amazing app :clap:t2:

I’m wondering if going straight to the next interval will require an ongoing internet connection or not. And thus we wouldn’t be able to workout in offline mode and then turn it back on once finished to update the Coach day.

I agree I think the new update is a little annoying. For example i like to be able to alter my workout during the rest but now that option has done.

Before I could see where I am in the workout during rests but now that has gone and instead I have to scroll and count.

Small things but they are annoying.

I’m still waiting for the day where we’ll have the possibility to create a custom workout schedule.
Also integration with Fitbit would be welcome

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Oh, and maybe spare us from going back to the home screen and scroll down to select the new interval after one is finished. I would expect to enter the new interval’s main screen right after I complete one.


Hey Michele :wave:t2: A big welcome to the Forum :muscle:t2:

Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long :wink: :point_down:t2:


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It’s been… a long wait. Hurray for the great news!!

I would like to have a detailed explanation as to why I do certain exercises


Hey guys, for me as a daddy from a youngster it would be really helpful to just tell the coach: I like to train three days a week without the urge to select fixed days. It is impossible to know on which day I will do my training next week. Thanks guys.

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You can do that already: whenever you skip a training day, it is moved to the next. So let’s say you tell the Coach your training days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday you train, so technically Tuesday is free. But you can easily start Wednesday’s training on Tuesday, it gets moved.
Your next scheduled training day would then be Wednesday, which you skip because your Youngster demands attention, no problem… Train again on one of the remaining days of the week and you have completed a Perfect Week.

The flexibility is there …