What does the Gaining Mass preference mean in the nutrition app?

What does the Gaining Mass preference mean in the nutrition app?

There are three options: 1) Losing Weight, 2) Gaining Mass, and 3) Eating Healthy.

I’ve used the Freeletics nutrition app on and off over the years, and the combination of regular exercise and controlling my nutrition through the app has had a visible impact on my weight over a few months.

However, I have always set it to Losing Weight (I am 61 kg and 5 ft 4; female), and though I have managed to lose 2-3 kilos since January, I always seem to plateau at this weight without gaining much more defined muscles.

I am not too concerned about my actual weight but want to increase my lean mass proportion so I have less fat and more muscle.

Is the Gaining Mass category better for this, or is it for people who are very skinny and want to add weight including fat and muscle? I am worried because it looks like it involves increasing my meal and snack portions across the day from S to M for breakfasts, and from XS to M for snacks and dinners, while keeping lunches as M, which seems like a big change and may lead me to put on more fat rather than muscle.

I have my wedding in 2 months and a dress fitting in four weeks, so I don’t want to put on fat at this time.

Any advice would be most welcome.

Hello and welcome to the forum.
The goal in the nutrition app mostly influence the size of the portions, and by consequence the calories’ intake. It is recommended to use that goal if you are primarily looking to build muscle.