Which Calisthenics skills program would you suggest and how to implement it with Freeletics?

Hey Everyone!

I just can’t get rid of Freeletics. It’s the best software and training program I have ever found.

However, I’m interested in many calisthenics skills such as Front Levers, Planche, Press to Handstand… and 1) don’t know who can teach me those, 2) don’t know how to train them alongside with Freeletics.

Do you have any advice?

Happy Training!


Hi @camarca! On YouTube , there are a lot of calisthenics athletes with progression videos. I’m sure you will find some for the movements you want to master.

Hey Mela!

Thank you for your answer!
I know, there are tons.
One thing I struggle with is confusion. I cannot hold the “how many out there, which one do I choose? Which one is the most reliable? Which one will take me where I want to go?”. And then I choose none, because it’s too confusing.

Will Freeletics implement more gymnastic-like exercises and skills? I dream about it many times and I would be the biggest improvement in the app that will ever be done.

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I wouldn’t hope so. The majority of fancy calisthenics exercises such as the front lever are static.
But Freeletics is HI(I)T - rather dynamic (concerning Body Weight).
The desire for the fancy exercises has been expressed several times, maybe there are already plans (especially since plank hold and dead hang as static exercises have now made it into god workouts).

As for YouTube, I can’t recommend a specific channel for you. Take a look around for an exercise. Up and down votes are an indicator of the content. And then it’s just a personal decision regarding the content creator, which is very individual (voice, appearance, preparation of the videos, preparation of the skill path).

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Thank you Mela!

Yeah, that’s why I love Freeletics: dynamism.
I wish a happy training, and again, thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

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I would love to see some calisthenics skills programs in Freeletics, maybe even a specific training journey for them (as we now have with weights) so people who don’t want to engage with them can avoid them easily.

I know Freeletics is HIIT but it also has some strength based exercises not easily implemented in high intensity intervals like Dragonflags. I give that example because it has a skill path associated with it but it doesn’t appear on any God workout.

I think the app would really benefit by adding calisthenics because it would target some other athletes. We now have HIIT, running and weight training but we can have more.

Thanks for reading my opinions,


Same here. It would be great to have a calisthenics journey. There’s no reason Freeletics can’t expand to include this kind of exercise.

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I’d also like to see that

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I strongly believe that the artificially intelligent software, combined with an intelligently developed calisthenic system, will not only be a massive and powerful tool, but also an incredible path for athletes to grow (plus the whole market thing: targets, revenue, clients et cetera).

I have been searching for days, weeks, months… for a software as powerful as Freeletics that was focused on Calisthsnics; but nothing.

Hope to see something someday.

However, what about updates? Will there be new God’s Workouts? Or new Skills to learn? D you know something? :stuck_out_tongue:


Most Skills you are referring (dragonflags) to are complex movements and probably not good for a time based workout like a god. I do have such exercises in intervals tho.

I would love to see more calisthenics exercises like that, but this would also include the skills along with that, but as @melaLetics already stated it kind of contradicts with the HIT concept.