Calisthenics Workout

Hi, I’m a paid user of Freeletics. I just used this application about 6 months ago and the workouts are very impressive. It’s just that I have a suggestion for the application. I hope to add Calisthenics Workout, I really want to try Calisthenics workouts . Instead of subscribing to another application for Calisthenics sports, I have a suggestion to add Calisthenics sports. Because of that, it’s easier for me to exercise anywhere without the need for tools. Hopefully in the future, additional Calisthenics features will be provided by Freeletics. Thank You

Hey :wave:t2:

The vast majority of the Training Journeys and workouts available within the Freeletics app are calisthenic. Calisthenics is simply a type of resistance training that uses your own body weight and gravity to help you build strength and endurance.

If you want more of a calisthenic training experience just take a look at something like Weights Free Gain, or Explosive Strength, and make sure to add a Pullup Bar.