Will I have to restart my journey once my subscription is over?

I’m in the middle of the Cardio Burn journey.
My subscription is finishing today.
I’m not buying new subscription now as I want to get Training only, but I can renew for Trainining and nutrition only before my current subscription ends.
So I have to wait untill my subscription is completely finished and only after this I will be able to buy Training only plan. Very stupid system
The question - will my currebt Cardio burn journey and progress remain on account so I can continue it once I but new subscription?

Yup, your training history is saved in your account :+1:t2:


Training history is saved. What about current journey, will I have to restart from beginning or I can continue from where I have stopped once I buy new plan?

You don’t have to wait with your training. You can immediately cancel your Training&Nutrition subscription and keep training. With your new subscription, Training only, you just keep going.
There is no need to wait, nothing to restart. The Coach will remember everything you have done and achieved, the TJ will remain in the the current state waiting for you to continue.


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There are no option/button to cancel current subsciption.
Overall very poor and user unfriendly subscription system.
I’m willing to buy the plan but so far was unsuccessful despite few contacts with support and messages on the forum

Subscriptions are managed through the website.

Or via App Store If you subscribed via your OS App Store.

You’ve already cancelled it :point_down:t2:

It ends today :+1:t2: