How to take a training I skipped yesterday. Does not show

Hi, I work out 4 days a week. Yesterday I missed the workout but I want to take it one of the days I’m “off”. But it seems once a day pass it is lost. Does not show me the workout at all, it just show the message “you didn’t log any personalized training session this day”.

So if I had weights-cardio-weights-cardio and I miss the first cardio I end up having only three days like weights-miss-weights-cardio

Before I was able to take missing trainings other days in the week. Even choose doing monday what was on tuesday etc… much more flexible.

Thank you in advance


Your skipped training day shouldn’t be lost - it should be moved to either today or the next planned coach day.
In case the coach recalculated to to another scheme than weights - cardio - weights - cardio, you can readjust it be replan the coach week (e.g. plan your missed coach day a day you normally don’t plan a coach day).

Hi melaLetics. I saw the day was moved to the next. However since I missed a day now I have a three days week workout. In the past I could on one of my rest days take the workout I missed. Now I can since one a day is missed the work out does not show there anymore.
The problem I see is that the miss workout move to next day and disappear from the day they were supposed to be taken instead of stay where they should be. I have no problem taking a Tuesday workout on a Saturday.

Just start the next session on an unplanned day and all will be as expected.
If you planned Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (as example) and missed the second one, your coach days will be postponed to next planned days (so the Wednesday one will be planned on Friday, the Friday one on Saturday and the last one will be planned the following week). But you can just choose to start the Friday session on Thursday and the postponed sessions will be moved back to their original planned weekday.

Hi melaLetics, I can’t the app doesn’t let me. My work out is Monday Tuesday Wednesday. If I miss all there days but I’m able to train Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I can’t go back, and select the days I missed. They don’t show anything.

The problem is a day missed will not show any training anymore.

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But you can scroll to your next week on Thursday and start the session planned for Monday.

Hi @n4v4jo , if you missed all your days, you can re select them in your coach settings.
For example you have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday assigned, but missed all of three; just go in your coach setting and select Thursday, Friday, Saturday, instead. A new week will be created with these days.