Training duplicate

Hello everyone,

I have recently subscribed to a coach plan with 3 sessions per week. For this week, I have already completed my three sessions with the third one completed 1 day ahead of schedule (tuesday Thursday and Saturday). Unfortunately I still see a training to be completed on Saturday…. While I have already completed all the required training I guess… anyone can help ?
Many thanks

The Coach still assumes you’ll train on Saturday.
You should have gained your badges (perfect coach week and Week in row) because you already have done your planned three session, don’t you?
It is absolutely ok to do the next coach session days before planned but it does not change your settings. And if you won’t train on Saturday that’s also ok. The Coach will change this session to your next regular training day - and (in your case because you did your three planned sessions) the badges won’t be taken away because you missed to train on Saturday.

Thank you for your answer. This is what I get so far ( see picture)