Missed days work out

Hello community
I’m new to the forum , i work as an international flight attendant and at times I miss my work out days due to flying . Is there a way of doing work outs missed ie previous day so I can keep on top of the tailored
Plans by the Freeletics coach

Hi Nayan,

you are not missing any workouts - the coach is very patient for those Flying2Serve :wink:

Skipped training days are simply moved to the next scheduled training day. Lets say you have Monday, Wednesday and Friday configured as your training days but you skipped Wednesday, the training session is moved to Friday. If you also skip Friday, it’s moved to Monday and so on.
And the same goes for the other way around: select the next scheduled training day in the app and start that session. It is now moved to “today”. That way you could also have your regular session on Wednesday plus Friday’s session as well, or complete Friday’s session on Thursday…

Hope that helps :clapclapstatic:


What a great option here! This is extremely useful, thank you. All of us have different situations when we cannot work out

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