2/5 Prometheus workout query

I am new to Freeletics and have just started out regularly using the app. Today the app suggested the knee push-ups for the first time and I did manage to complete the interval training with 8x knee push-ups.

However, the session upcoming in the next two days is a 2/5 Prometheus (the first beat your personal best) with 10x standard push-ups (x2 rounds).

How am I supposed to perform 10x standard push-ups when I can barely perform one and the app is still training me on the knee push-ups?

Should I just perform the 10x knee push-ups? I don’t think the beat your personal best is in sync with what I can do at the moment.

Kindly let me know how to proceed. Just one week into the program and such ambiguity is disheartening.

Hi @e0lithic and Welcome to Freeletics and this forum :slight_smile:
You have two options:

  1. You perform your workout as best as possible which means you do the pushups in their scaled version as knee pushups. At the end of a workout you are asked for a feedback. Here you choose the option that you have to switch at least one exercise. After this you’ll see another screen listing all exercises of the workout so you can choose Pushups.
    It’s absolutely ok to scale down in a workout! But it’s absolutely important to give the correct feedback.
  2. You can use the Quick Adapt to adapt a session (at the end of the Coach Day Screen). Here you can scale down the intensity of your workout.

The coach needs some time and some data to be perfectly tailored to your abilities (all AI algorithms need a certain mass of data to be good). Be patient. The algorithm is really adaptive as long as you give the right feedback.

Thanks for the clarification. I’ll just go with option 1, then.