Coach doesn't respond to my push-ups feedback

I have pushup progression turned on and there are 2 things that I don’t think that are working as intended with that:

  1. Coach asked me to go from 20 negative push-ups straight to do 8 “real” push-ups. I mean, with a lot of rest in between single repetitions I’m able to do that but shouldn’t there be anything in between?
  2. On top of that, multiple times already I addition to 8 push ups in progression, I got regular training sessions with extra 10 push-ups in a round. I keep doing knee push-ups instead and giving Coach feedback that this exercise was problematic for me but it doesn’t seem to be working.

I don’t want to exclude push ups from my exercises because I can do some but why would it give me 18 push ups to do when I’m only progressing?

Thanks for looking into that.

Hi @edyta.lucja, the algorithm reacts to your feedback - you didn’t master the skill Pushups. And how to master it? Practicing it. As long as you don’t feedback, you weren’t able to do the asked 8 pushups, it won’t decrease the number. As long as you don’t feedback, you did the unbroken, it won’t increase the reps.
Intervals and god workouts (like 1/5 Prometheus) are kind of benchmarking yourself. It’s absolutely ok to take rests in order to perform the exercises in good technique. You’ll see - in a couple of weeks, this number of pushups is way easier and you’ll constantly beat your Personal Best in this one.



I absolutely appreciate the app wanting me to make a progress. Since I’m able to do 3-5 push-ups in one go, 8 is a stretch and I could agree that trying to go beyond is good for me.

Maybe it could be called “push your limits” so that I know it’s meant to be beyond my current reach and I should do it for as long as it takes. The message I’m getting now is: “here’s your progression, you’re doing 8 push-ups now” like it’s obvious that I should be able to and I feel behind.

As I said, I provided coach with feedback when I was doing the regular workout (outside of progression), that my technique was terrible or that I had to replace the exercise and common sense tells me that should mean that he finds some easier exercise or gives me less reps next time. But he doesn’t.

To sum it up:
To ask me in the first part of exercises to do 8 push-ups, while it’s a stretch, it’s still doable for me, but adding another 10 push-ups on top of that when I’m already beyond my limit just doesn’t sound reasonable.

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Hey @edyta.lucja! I know it is a late welcome, but we really do appreciate having you on the forum and posting for the first time!

Adding onto what @melaLetics has wonderfully pointed out, from the screenshot you attached to your post it seems like you are in Hell week right now. With Hell week, your limits are definitely gonna be pushed and it is not going to be the same work out as the past 40 sessions. So you will see some reps that seem completely absurd to you, but keep pushing and keep working hard! you are almost done with your Journey and it is going to feel great after!


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Oh, I was actually wondering what this is and why my dots in the calendar are in red suddenly. We’ll, now it makes sense. Thanks for explaining!

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So would this be the reason why yesterday when I finished day 3 of my hell week where I had 2 rounds of Venus - which was 2 x 50 pushups - that the feedback I gave to say this was a bit too hard and reduce the intensity has been ignored?

It didn’t ask me for any other feedback, I was able to complete them all with correct technique but with looooads of breaks. Today my coach has kept the original session set out at the start of Hell Week with a 3 x Morpheus so I will have another 102 pushups to do today :confused:

Not necessarily a complaint here but trying to understand what is the expected behaviour of the coach in this scenario.

Yeah, there is close to no adoption to your feedback in HellWeek. HellWeek is supposed to be a real fight, for strength, stamina AND mostly your mind.
But it is suuuch a great feeling when you are done with it!
Keep fighting! #clapclap


Hi @kev.price83 , @CrystalEYE is correct, Hellweek is supposed to be super hard by designed to push you to your limit.
Also, it is okay to take loads of break during God workout, the goal is to keep correct form and to beat your time each time you attempt a God. It might take you 40 min to do one, and 15 minutes a year later.

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Thanks for the clarifications @TomG @CrystalEYE good to know. I completed the 7 days, was destroyed by the end of it so took a rest day yesterday and back on the running today. Back to Freeletics on Friday probably, need a good few days of recovery from that horror week :sweat_smile: