Overcoming the "zero reps"

Hi there

This is my first post! Glad to be here. I just started with freeletics some days ago. I’ve been with a personal trainer for a while, just to start getting use to some phisical exercise, but my time and money are limited, hence I decided to give freeletics a try.

In my first freeletics workouts I found out that in one occasion I’m not even able to do 1 single repetition of the proposed exercise. My questions are:

  1. how can I overcome this situation? Does Freeletics offer easier alternatives to a specific exercise?

  2. I’m requested to do 8x, but I have no place in the app to state: I can’t even do one, so I can jump to the next exercise. What would you do?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @algroin

Welcome to forum and also welcome to FL!

First of all, not to worry if at the moment you are not able to perform a rep.

Couple of suggestions here.

Substitute your exercise for an easier alternative. eg. Can’t do a single rep of pushup? Change it to knee pushup, also if that is hard at start, do an incline pushup. You can use bench, table or even wall for that matter. (I would suggest to look up online for an alternative exercise you need)

Important is to let the coach know at the end that workout was too hard.

Since you only started using coach it will take some week or two to adjust.

Don’t push yourself too hard at the start, rest is vital. Sore muscles? No problem, rest, do some recovery stretching and mobility or go for a walk.

And most importantly of all, be patient and enjoy the process.

Hope this helps :smile:


Hello Algroin

Which of the journey have you started, how old are ou ?

I second what Dark answered.

Personal point of view : don’t see Freeletics as a challenge but as a quite long process.
One thing is certain, after “some time” you’ll be able to do what you are not able to do today.
My warm up sessions today are more difficult than the workouts I was assigned when I started one year and half ago.

The only thing you need to do is to be consistent, todo what you can, and (this is the most important) to be honest with the coach.
If you give real valuable feedback slowly the coach will adapt your workouts to your capabilities.
But in order to do that it needs you feedback.



Indeed it was helpful, thanks @Dark

I’ve not seen in the app the way to substitute an exercise with an easier one. You mean to search outside of the app for alternatives, don’t you? Or maybe I am missing something?

Thanks a lot for your advice!! without the guidance of a personal trainer is going to be a tremendous change for me, so I really appreciate your support on this. :smiling_face:

Hi @LStelie thanks for taking the time to answer.

I’ve started “destroying the calories” (destruye las calorías, in Spanish, Im not sure about the original name), and Im 42 yo.

I agree with your statements. When I started with the personal trainer the exercises where easier than my current warm up (a simple squad was a nightmare for me at that time).

However, even though I’ve already lost 50% of the weight I have to lose, I still have a severe overweight, and some exercises are still terribly difficult for me.

I’ll try to stick to your tips: patience and consistency.

Again, thanks for your message. I REALLY appreciate your support.

I’m French (the French name for this journey is called “brûler les calories” (“burn the calories") . It’s a very good starting journey, rather light and more cardio based.
It’s normal at the beginning that you fail to do some exercises, don’t worry, just tell the coach, and do what you are able to do

Forget about your need to loose weight… if you are consistent and if you do this on the long term, you will loose weight .
I’m 64 , I train 5 times a week (everyday from Monday to Friday) and in one year and half I have lost nearly 20 kg, but it’s not that important compared to the mobility and global capability that I hve won.
You will have to take care of the way you eat, but doing sport will help you to moderate.


I see what you mean.

One way of interacting with the coach is on your scheduled training day you can click on “adapt session” button and from there you can change difficulty plus some other options, see screenshots below:

I don’t think there is a specific way to change certain exercise with easy alternative from what you were already assigned that day apart from solution above.

What I did when I first started was replacing exercises myself.
Let’s say coach had me to do 10x strict pushups.
At the time I knew I can’t do them with proper form so I just did 10 knee pushups focusing on the technique.
At the end I would give feedback to coach that I could not perform exercise with proper form which is true. With time coach will take all your feedback into consideration.


Very clear. Thanks a lot!


Merci beaucoup!

Thanks for sharing your experience and advise

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