A great reference for old, fat people


I’m 62, fat, and I’ve had a huge lot of physical problems in the past (but I’ve done a lot of sports, mainly bicycle endurance ). I want to get back to a more « normal » body before it’s too late to do that (not a very original motivation, I suppose).
I started Freeletics two weeks ago (I’m in my third) and like it very much.

Freeletics examples focuses mainly on young fit people (I understand that from a marketing stand point), and its very difficult to see a « real normal person » engaging in this kind of path.

So this message is targeted at people in my situation (old, fat…) I just found a wonderful example with Bertold, a German guy :

Among interesting points he found some solutions for aspects that can be a problem when getting old like the wrists. I have arthritis and I like very much the way he uses his writs for pull-ups or burpee for example (that’s important, because it implys to get a very good shock absorbing training carpet).

Have a nice day