44y old obese male asking for some tips

Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your time!
I am 44y old 1.79m and 129kgs for some time now. I’ve been a member of Freeletics for some years but like my gym memberships, I would begin for a week to a month , then get bored/unmotivated and stop.
I find myself this year more motivated for a big change, but lack of exercise has taken a toll on my body, knees are weak and hands/elbows are hurting.
So what I want to ask is this. Would it be wiser to begin only walking for a couple of months, maybe become a bit lighter and then commit to a bodyweight freeletics program (might help avoid injuries)? I remember when beginning any program it was extremely hard to complete even a lunge or a knee pushup…
Or should I try to stick to a bodyweight program right away? And if so, do you have any suggestions as to which one to choose?
Sorry for the lengthy question and any answer would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi xrustelos,
I used to have similar problems like you when i was about 87kgs, i suffered from dislocation of knee , it got worsened as my weight increased. Once my knee patellar got disclocated while performing lunges. Then i realized that initially i should do cardio to reduce my weight along with that i did dieting, portion control. When i started to gradually reduce my weight i skipped to body weight training. Actually this worked out for me . I suggest the same if it works for you. But eat healthy and also do cardio and just shedoff some pounds… if u r okay with intermittent fasting , please try that too… and stay hydrated


Hi @xristelos,

Firstly its brilliant that you are reaching out. I would suggest that your first stop would be a visit to the doc and have a check up. He/she may also be able to give you some directions. A local personnel trainer may be an option as they will be able to assess your strengths, limitations and movement patterns at the early stage of your journey and create a program that meets your specific requirements . The key is that you must approach this holistically, diet, lifestyle, exercise etc and that you learn to enjoy it.
On the exercise front, small changes go a long way. Park the car a little further away and walk, use the stairs rather than lift. Take a walk during lunch and other breaks.


Hi there. Sharing about my own progress, I figured that the freeletics coach can be tuned to different needs. If there is something I figure too strenuous for myself I have disabled it in the preference section. I started very slow and always listening to my body what it can do. Feedback allowed me to tell the coach, where I was not able to do something. Progress at the beginning is more difficult to protect, but it was there. I look out for the smallest changes in my ability to make sure to see the progress in my own journey. And then slowly but surely the progress started to become more visible. Not really answering any of your questions, just sharing for encouragement.


Well thank you all for taking the time and replying, decided to go ahead training and keep listening to my body at all times. Hope you all have a great day and keep it up!

Hi xristelos

In order to give you answers that makes sense, there is a very important point to be clarified : are you using the « free » version of the app or did you subscribe ?

If you are using the « free » version, the answer is clear : don’t (you only have access to a list of standard bodyweight sets, nothing intended for someone weak or obese or old or..) and to some cardio instead, on the top of that rethink totally the way you eat (it’s the key for weight loss, exercise is just a facilitating element).

If you are a FL subscriber you have access to the « coach » (a surprisingly clever computer script) and yes you can do it, just tell the coach what you can and cannot do, what is easy and what is too hard, and it will adapt the sessions accordingly.

I’m not obese (even if I started really too fat) but I’m 63 years old, and when i started with FL, there were a huge amount of movements, exercises … that I was unable to do. The « coach » started very very low, and drove me to the level of a somehow normally fit average guy.


Hey xrustelos,

i started 2 years ago, with 35 years old, 190 cm and 175kg. I used the Bodyweight Exercises and the Coach from the start. At the beginning it was really hard, but i completed every Workout, even when it took a hour or more. What me really helped against pain, on anything where my Knees had to touch the Floor, is a really thick Gym Mat (3cm).
You should also see a nutritionist, this really helped me.
I´m now at 122 kg, and i feel amazing.
You can do it!