Replace single exercise

Is it possible to change one exercise in a coach session? I have noticed that I can change the program, but not a single exercise - for instant because of some handicap in my legs that changes on daily basis or if a day I’m REALLY sore, it would be amazing to replace a single exercise in the program that day for another similar…


At the moment that’s not possible but here’s a little workaround:
You could exclude the exercise that you can’t do that day and update your coach session. But don’t forget to reset the excluded exercises after your workout otherwise you’d exclude that exercise even though you might be able to do it that day :slight_smile:


Ah! True! That’s smart. Thanks! :pray:

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I agree with Susanne it would be useful! I would also like to be able to exclude more than the max 10 exercises that is currently allowed to exclude.

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Hey Ida,

We set the limit to 10 different exercises, because we want Athletes to include as many exercises as possible in their training. Excluding exercises really does limit the pool of exercises available to your Coach and excluding exercises will decrease the variety and the effectiveness of your Training Journey.

I think the question to ask here is WHY you feel you need to exclude certain exercises.

If it’s because they are too hard or technically difficult, it really is absolutely normal to struggle with some exercises, but the only way the Coach learns that this is too much for you, is for you to give accurate and honest feedback whenever asked. There will always be exercises that you find harder to complete than others but the Coach will want to try to encourage you to progress and complete these.

Don’t be at all disheartened if you continue to find certain exercises hard-you are not alone, all of us struggle with certain exercises at some point in our Training Journey.

If it’s because you can’t do the exercise in a way that is demonstrated in the instructional video, you should try to adapt the exercise a little. Sticking to the instructions from the Coach is important, but equally important is the fact that you should feel able to adapt an exercise in a way that allows you to complete it. For example, in “Passive Hangs” the video instructs Athletes to hang with their legs straight. For many users, this is not possible when training in the home environment. In such cases, you should feel empowered to bend or tuck in your legs so that you are still able to complete the exercise without touching the floor. Likewise with Pull-ups, it shows an exaggerated kipping motion-if this is not possible due to the pullup bar you are using, you should adapt the exercise in such a way that allows you to complete it safely.



Hi there!

The reasoning is that in consultation with my doctor, there were a few more exercises I wanted to exclude. Freeletics today has the policy to tell you that you shouldn’t train AT ALL if you have any injuries, and I see that from a legal standpoint, that you need to make it clear you’re not giving medical advice.

Not training at all when you have e.g. simply hurt your wrist is not a good idea.

However, by allowing me to exclude more exercises, I can do this together with someone who actually knows my individual condition.

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Please don’t let this feature request die.

When doing Bodyweight training, it’s hard to adjust the weight and a “small” adjustment in execution can make a big difference on how many reps I can do (for example, when switching from normal push-ups to diamond push-ups).

I really hope this feature gets implemented soon.