Adapt time duration of session

Hi, I recently finished the explosive strength journey and I enjoyed the flexibility in sometimes reducing the session duration to 45, 30 or 15 min. Now I started the kettle bell fundamentals journey. The sessions are from anywhere 40 up to 1:15 hrs. but when I want to reduce the session duration it only offers me the option to reduce it to 15 min, which is too short, I would like to have the option of 30 or 45 min. Any clue why this is the case?

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Hi Gunther :wave:t2:

Thanks for posting this. So, essentially, the “Adapt session” options can vary depending on the Training Journey. For a TJ such as Explosive Strength, there are a lot more adaptions available than on the Kettlebell Journey, and at the moment the only time adaption available for your new TJ is 15 minutes.

We know this is not ideal and it is something that we are trying to work on and improve.


Hi Ben, thank you for the quick response and thorough explanation. I understand your point and I can imagine how complex this can get with so many personalizations happening in parallel in the app. Would be great if you could improve this in the future since I feel a bit like a downgrade as I had it before but now I do not have it and it’s something I often used depending on my daily schedule or travel plans. The 15 min is still a good choice but too short for when I could easily spend 30 min - which is twice the time, but not as long as 70 min.

Looking forward to seeing future improvements – keep on the great work you guys are doing, this is my second TJ so you can be proud of yourself that you contributed to another person improving his health and wellbeing.