Training time in app

How can i change time of traning in app?
Longer time of training

Except of choosing exercises, intervalls or workouts by yourself - there ist no option to expand a session.
You can try to change the intensity to a harder session. It may result also in a longer one.

Im on kettlebells for beginners program. Average training has about 60 min. One time i was reduce time of training becouse I didnt have enought time. After this I have about 20 min training. I want back to longer training again

@kubapietraszek reducing the time of training is supposed to do it only for one session, not for all of them.

How many sessions in a row have you had that have been lasting only about 20 min? Usually sessions vary, for example when you have 3 sessions in a week, you may have some that are closer to 60 min and some others closer to 20 min - maybe you are observing this variation?

In any case, if you don’t do this yet - when you find a particular workout easy, be sure to give feedback to the app that “it was too easy”, so next time the app increases intensity.

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