"Adapt workout" for dumbbell program

Hi everyone, I’m a bit more than halfway through the dumbbell program, and so far I have mixed feelings about it.
Although it’s nice to have something completely different than weight free programs, I find it super frustrating that we can’t adapt the sessions (at least not more than with the freeletics hardcore journey).
I’m used to requesting “much harder” workouts on the days when I have time & energy, but for the dumbbell journey my only resort is to do 2 workouts in a row and manuallly increase the weights. At this point I might as well use another app to build my sessions, the entire point of FL for me is that it is hands off regarding the composition of workouts.

This is especially frustrating since I’ve consistently given the feedback that intervals were too easy and it doesn’t seem to get harder.

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Hello Arthur.

Just to begin with, I am not part of Freelitics, I am just a user like you.

Please check the “phase” of your program. I have done the dumbell journey 2 times (or maybe 3, I am not sure), and I noticed the same you did. The “middle”, if I remember correctly is phrase 2, which consists of low reps - high load. But then comes phase 3, which is low load - high reps. I got “bored” just as you did in phase 2, and constantly changed the weight manually to feel more challenged, but then comes phase 3, which got me destroyed ( I do workout 5 times a week).

Remember to read the “knowledge session”, there is where I learned about phases. But in any way, the dumbell journey is new, and I am sure they will receive our feedback to improve it. Keep it up, with freelitics or without it.

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