Nonsense Training difficulty

Hi everyone

I’m using freeletics for almost 2month now
doing the Dumbbell Gain
I didn’t have any problem until now. It was going a little bit harder and harder. Just enough to push me.

But since one week, the training became totally impossible. Just to name a few example :
6rounds of 1mn 20kg Dumbbell crunch
or 7 rounds of dumbbell bench press 22x12kg

Edit : look at my next training lol

it’s just impossible, and way too long
of course I manually change the weight etc
but it’s like the app forget everything I’ve done until now

Any advise?

Yeah i get the same thing. Nothing i have seen i can do. I just remember weight and input it again. Having a way coach remember weights would be great for progressive overload

Hi @chris00613 , do you have access to a large number of different weights of dumbbell?
If the Coach doesn’t have a wide enough range and thinks that you couldn’t handle the jump to a higher weight, it will increase the volume/reps of your current weights.
If the weight is way too high, please adjust the weight using the “C” button on the top left hand corner and give the appropriate feedback.

Hi TomG
Thanks for your reply
Yes I have a lot of different dumbbell, and I added it to the app.

Also, like I said, until now I didn’t have any problem with the app, it was going smoothly heavier and harder just as I expected.
Using all kind of dumbbell weight.

I also adjust it by myself with the C button.
But what is the point to have a “coach” if I have to always adjust it by myself.
I will keep going for the next few weeks, then see if the app go back to “normal”


Hi @chris00613 , thank you for your answer! Yeah I am not 100% sure then, maybe the Coach is testing you to see if you can perform these exercises.
Maybe if you still encounter the same issues next week you could raise a support ticket?

Hi @chris00613,
Please feel free to contact us directly. We will check your coach and try to find out what happened here.

I’ve been updating my preference of weight and repetition since the problem.
And for the last few days it seems that everything is back to normal.
Thanks for your help.
I hope the problem won’t come back

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Hi @chris00613 ,

Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad everything is back to normal.
If you face similar issues again, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Have fun training!

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