Barbell Journey algorithm

Hey there fellow Freeathletes!

I’ve started the barbell Journey recently, and I have noticed that the algorithm doesn’t seem to work right (like in the Hybrid Strength journey).

The journey increases weight, way too fast, despite my feedback.

Also often times if I change my week plan, it will schedule me two days of chest workout (bench press) with some variations.

I would like to see different barbell workouts during my Journey.

And please add to it incline bench!

Thank you and keep on the good work! #noexcuses

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It seems it hasn’t been fixed in almost a year, and it’s frustrating, as I am also encountering this issue. Also I usually work out 3 times a week, but this week I can do only 2 sessions, so I adjusted my schedule and it just randomly adjusted my weight for the next session for 5k more than before, and usually it was a bearable 2.5k adjustment. So the logic is, if I don’t work out, I have to tackle more weight then? So confusing

Hi @freakzonaleash , did the number of reps change? Usually if you have less days to workout during the week, from my experience, the coach will give you more challenging workouts to maximise your time in the gym.

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It’s 2 reps less, with +5kg, I don’t find it reasonable, and also it’s the same exercises as a day before. With my usual schedule I was getting the back squats once a week, and now it’s the second time around for the same week. And honestly I tend to work out less when I don’t see variety and when I know beforehand that the workout is going to be a chore.

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Hi @freakzonaleash , yeah so the -2 +5kg is to help you build strength rather than hypertrophy, and help you lift heavier, and not work your muscles in the same way every day.
If you see an upcoming day that doesn’t inspire you, feel free to use the adapt feature and play around with it.


Honestly I just stopped working out whatsoever, I just don’t see the point in using this app anymore. I started using it cause I thought I would get interesting workouts every day, and turned out I can’t mix different equipment in one journey and I’m mostly stuck doing the same 3-4 exercises, which became so extremely boring after a short while. Some days I feel like using a kettlebell, other - some dumbbells for working out some smaller muscles, and some days I just want to have a workout with a barbell. Some days I feel like all I can do is some mild cardio and a lot of stretching. And I feel that with the current functionality of the app I can never get what I want. With a dumbbell journey all I was getting was crazy 7 part sets with 40 repetitions each of biceps and triceps and almost no lower body. With barbell - still no focus on the lower body, extreme weight jumps and discregard to the weights I have available. Haven’t tried the journeys without weights, but considering how extreme the numbers of sets or repetitions can get - I don’t see a point. Anyway, I thought I would be able to have fun and work out in a smart way, but I feel so limited, that I consider just to get some basic coach training and create the workout journeys myself, actually considering the equipment I have, the capacity, and what my body and mind need atm. Not sure why I’m writing this, just wanted to share my experience I guess

Hi @freakzonaleash , have you tried the Hybrid Journey by any chance? it seems that it could be suited to your feedback. You’ll have the ability to train with all equipment, including bodyweight, Gods and skill progressions. You’ll have dedicated barbell days, and dedictaed hybrid days.


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