Allow the coach to adapt freeletics sessions based on what other sport activities you have done recently

For example, I went running yesterday. Today’s freeletics session included two intervals existing basically only of all kinds of squats. If I could have entered yesterday’s running session into the coach, it would most likely have created a session more focused on core and upper body strength.
The great advantage of freeletics, in comparison to all other fitness apps is, that I don’t have to create my own sessions. Including my other workouts into the calculation, of what the coach creates for me, would be a great improvement in my opinion.

Some other apps do that by better integrating with Garmin or Apple Fitness, etc. It would be great to see this in Freeletics.

Well , yes. Of course integration into the apple watch or other tracking devices would be great. But if that is not possible, it would be already helpful to log these outside sessions manually to include them in the algorithm.

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