Add gym machines

In my gym, there are a lot of gym machines (press machine, fly machine, row machine …).

If it possible, I would like gym machines to be integrated in Freelectics or at least, that an equivalent exercise with a gym machine to be offered in the help when doing a particular exercise


Totally agree, I’m frustrated to have all machines around me and not able to use them
I’m sure there’s an equivalent for most of dumbbells exercises with those machines

I´d really love to see that too.

In fact, I wrote support for these kind of features.
For example, it is really common , even in a “home gym” to have things like an indoor ciclying maching , a running band , a TRX or even a elliptic cycle… there is nonsense you can not add this equipment to the app in order to track all the exercise you do in a session or extra session on your own.
Because…this, take us to the next feature needed , not now but yesterday, to track fitness physical and shape state (calories burned, tracking weight, etc… in order to see our evolution) if these features are not added soon, I may try other apps.

We need this!

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Yes, it is a crucial feature for me + having some journeys with gym machines

I totally agree! Sometimes I want to do is specific muscles and not having machines is a bummer. I dont think i will renew the app next year if machines are not available.

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