Gym workout routine

Earlier there used to be Freeletics gym app, but now all in one app. And i don’t see any option where app offers workout with gym machines. Or am I missing something?

Hi @mitrpathak and welcome to the forum!

The GYM app doesn’t exist anymore but you can still find it in your purchased app in your Apple Store or Android store.

The Muscle Gain journey and Hybrid Strength journey are the 2 programs that use barbell in your training.

There are no machine per say as Freeletics is more designed for functional fitness. There used to be rowing workouts in the Gym app but there are not yet implemented in the new FL app.


Inclusion of the rower would be great!


Hey @Horayshio! I double that! Haha it would be incredible!

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There have been rumors of FL including more cardio modalities in future updates. I would love to see the rower come over from the Gym app and the Barbell God workouts!