Adding Dumbell exercises into my journey log

I have start using program yesterday and have a problem about log my exercise.

I have a start journey called gain muscle with dumbells. I have start my first session yesterday and in the middle of it i get so tired so i cant complete and i have skipped my interval when i have complete 2set’s
My that interval consist of 4 set’s of two different exercise called dumbell hammer curl and dumbell triceps extensions.

As a result all my that interval were not logged and i want to add two sets of these exercise to my exercise history of yesterday but i could not managed it.

I have checked the forum and help topics, i understand the way of adding it. The problem is dumbell exercises are not consist in the single exercises section. If they were consist there, i will added them as a single exercise to my exercise history of yesterday bu can’ t found there.
Is there any way to log my dumbell exercises into my past journey sesion as i indicated above?

Welcome :relaxed:

No, there is no way to add single weighted exercises. You could either log the interval manually (using the plus icon in the right upper corner) and give feedback that it was too heavy and too much or do it again with less weight (I’m not in that Journey but there is a way to adjust the weights) so you can complete the full interval.

Thank you for fast response…Additional question;
Is there any way to add only two sets instead of completing it and then skipped the interval during the work.
Or other alternative, maybe choosing 0kg and 0 sets for 3rd and 4th sets. Is it possible?