Make coach include a run in a session

Hi I’ve just joined Freeletics and am doing a HIIT and Run program using the coach. On each of the first two sessions the coach included a run but I can only do the runs on the weekends so I adapted the first two sessions to HIIT. My next session is on the weekend and coach is only giving me HIIT sessions no matter how many times I adapt the session. Help! Is there a way to make the coach include a run session on weekends only?

If you know you can’t run during the week I suggest you to chose another Journey because the one you are doing is really based on running.
Selecting “Balance Fat Burn” Journey you’ll have a run per week assigned: this could be more doable for you. And you can always chose a running God or a free distance as an extra coach day.
Hope this helped.

Yeah so changing to that other journey didn’t work - still no option to do some runs/sprints on the days I can do them. I just restarted the HIIT and Run journey which on the first day included run interval training. Top tip to the developers - allow users to select days for certain types of training (eg running)!

You can always chose the day you want to run changing that day. Just start the session without run and the session you skipped remains as the next one. Still thinking a “non based running Journey” could be better if you aren’t allow to run each day. :wink:

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