Setting up the training plan correctly

Hi, new to the app and I have input all info. The training plan this week suggests running 5 times this week?

  1. It’s winter and running around country roads in the dark isn’t appealing. I have a rowing machine so I assume I just use that and pretend I went for the run?

  2. I didn’t really pay for an app to tell me to go on a run; I was expecting to have tailored workouts?

  3. How do I see what is coming up in the training plan?

  4. If I want to change my goal ranking how can I do that as I can’t see the option?

Your help is much appreciated.

Hi, can I ask first what journey are you doing? If you don’t want to go running you can go to your options enable the option “no sprints or runs”, so you won’t get any runs until it’s spring. Then you’ll get more endurance workouts instead of runs.
You can only see what’s coming in the week that you’re doing right now and if you’ve finished all of those you can see the next week. But the coach is always adjusting to your feedback so it can’t tell you what the whole training plan will be.
You can’t change the goal unless you finish the journey unfortunately. But you can always just change the journey if you doesn’t feel it suits you, but I would say that you should give the coach a chance first to adjust to you.

Thank you. That’s useful info! Apparently it has set me up to do leg strength and sprints.

How do I tell it not to suggest runs?

I suppose I can’t tell whether to change the journey if I don’t know what it’s planning to suggest further out than one week. But I’ll give it a go.

How do I make sure I give it feedback? Does this happen after the workout then?

well you chose a running journey so of course the coach is giving you runs all week. You’d have to change the journey. and yes the feedback comes after the session is completed.

I didn’t choose a journey, that’s just what it came up with? Unless I clicked something by accident?

There shouldn’t be a “default” plan.
So back to the beginning…you are a subscriber to the app? If so, you can change the journey to whatever you want following these steps:

  • go to Coach tab
  • click gear icon in right upper corner
  • the first entry in upcoming screen is “Training Journey”, click on it.
  • you find all available journeys and could start a new one.

Yes I am a subscriber. So I must have accidentally clicked that plan without realising. Understood, thanks for taking the time to help.