Adjust workouts with intense jumping exercises

Hi, I love a good workout but my pelvic floor doesn’t like intens jumping anymore due to giving birth to multiple kids. I can’t seem to adjust this in my workouts. I can skip running and sprints, but is there a way to cut (intens) jumping from the program? Jumping with impact is not comfortable for most women after childbirth. I can’t imagine I’m the only with this problem but I can’t find anything about it on the forum.

Thank you. Kind regards Harriet

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You can exclude certain exercises by going to Coach > Settings > Excluded exercises. Here, you would need to mark the exercises one by one, and they won’t be included in any of your future workouts.

That’s great! Thanks :pray:t3:

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Hi @harriet.vanutenhove , you can also modify your workout to select the option “I need to train quietly”. When this option is enabled, the Coach will get rid of all jumping.