Advice on giving feedback to the coach

Hello everyone,

I am looking for advice in what feedback should I give to the coach in some cases.

As far as I have read in this forum, when you fail to do all the repetitions non-stop in a workout (for example you can’t do 100 plank leg lifts without taking rests in AMAZONA). but you succeeded in doing them by taking rests, then you are star worthy.

Today I did 2xOrpheus and in the last few rounds I couldn’t do the 30 seconds passive hang without losing my grip. Should I tell the coach it was to difficult and that I had trouble doing passive hangs or what should I do? I tried accumulating 30 seconds after the coach counter had ended.


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Hey Santiago :wave:t2:

Yeah, so taking short breaks during a God workout is totally fine. Even with quick breaks, if you completed the reps with the correct technique and range of motion- a star is very much well earned!

With timed exercises, I generally will not give positive feedback here. There are a few Gods like this, the other one that jumps to mind is Kerberos-that 3 minute plank can be a killer at times :see_no_evil:


Thanks Ben!!

I have just finished Kerberos and in the 3 min planck I couldn’t stand it (although I did 2 min and 20 seconds so new record :clap: :clap: )


Yeah that last round is a tough one :joy:

But a 2 min 20 seconds plank, after everything beforehand, is something to feel very happy about :muscle:t2:


So if a workout calls for 6 pull-ups. I do 4, dismount and rest, and do another 2, it’s star worthy? :smile:

Yes, it is. As long as your technique is proper doing the last two pull-ups.