Did I anger my coach or something?

Hello all,

I’ve been training for 3 weeks now and I see that this Sunday I need to do a 1/4 Venus workout.
Thing is though, I can do about 15 push-ups. (Not 50)

How do I train that day?
Attempt it? Change the difficulty?

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Take all the time it needs.
You can do 15 PUs? Than try 10 sets of 5 repetitions or 50 sets of one repetition - it’s totally up to you.
You don’t have to do exercises unbroken. Technique ahead of time!
It is far more efficient to do the exercises correctly and calmly than rushing through a workout and scaling exercises to make it faster.


Hey Maik :wave:t2:

I would try to attempt it-training is going to be difficult sometimes, some sessions you may come out feeling rather beaten by the Coach :sweat_smile:

melaLetics has a good tip-do a few, take a break and shake the arms out, and then do a few more. You will absolutely make the best progress by focusing on your technique rather than trying to do a workout as quickly as possible :+1:t2:

However, there are undoubtedly some days where you just don’t feel up to it. And in such a case, you can just take a rest day and your session will get pushed to the next day, or you can use the “Adapt session” feature to request a different or “easier” workout. A couple of things to note re the “Adapt session” feature though:

  1. Depending on your current Journey the options you have available will differ.
  2. “Easier” will vary from person to person, so you and the Coach might disagree on what “easier” looks like.

Ultimately, give it each training your best :clapclapstatic: and don’t forget we’re all here to help motivate if you need it! :muscle:t2:


Thank you both for replying.

I was under the wrong impression that I needed to do them all 50 in one go.
But splitting them up in to sets will definitely work since I did about 40 in one training day this week without issues.

I don’t mind feeling beaten after a training, but I really want to finish it.

Until next time!


That is the champion’s attitude! #clapclap