Allow not to specify weight for exercise from the workout creator

When creating a workout with dumbbells, kettlebell or plate, it is mandatory to specify the weight value. It would be nice to have it as an option, making it possible to adapt the weight witout imposing it, as the workouts from the coach do. This option exists for example in the workout creator for the Gymshark app.

Do you mean when creating a workout to add the exercises without specify the weight? If yes I totally agree and ingnore the shown weights, I normally create the workout for more persons and we use similar weights.

Yes it is what I mean. I think weights should be either indicated or let free to the user appreciation.

Hi @adrienfaure95 , that would be a great addition. The current turn around I found is just to specify 20kg for example, and then use the ā€œCā€ button on the top left hand corner to use the actual weight I want to use whenever I start a custom workout.