Alternative exercise when too hard

Hi guys!

There used to be a description for every exercise of which exercise to switch to when during training it proves to be too hard. For instance: switch to knee push-ups when doing normal push-ups etc.
Although you can give the coach feedback ‘I had to replace at least one exercise’, I can not find which exercise to switch too now.

Does anyone know where to find them?

Cheers, Niels


Hey Niels, a big welcome :wave:t2:

I think this is what you are looking for :point_down:t2: It’s not an exhaustive list though!


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I don’t think that feature exist anymore unfortunately… If I remember correctly you could adjust the exercise before you started right? Now you can only say afterwards that you had to replace an exercise…
I would exactly love to get that feature back :sweat_smile:

correct… there was - i havent seen it for a while

This has been removed with Coach version 4, back in summer 2018.

Hello , new here, yesterday I started with 1st training and there was request to perform 5x pull ups . Im at stage not able to perform any currently. So what should I do or how to get know to my trainer that this has to be adjusted for the future or to focus more on this body part ???

Correct feedback is the key. Facing pull-ups although not being able to do a single one, you could scale down the exercise so it’s hard but manageable (like Shoulder Pull-ups, Dead Hang, Assisted pull-ups, negative ones) - or replace it with another exercise. But you should give the correct feedback afterwards (not bring able to do one).


I had to do a 4 round interval with 2 dragonflags each today, right now I am not able to do any. I decided to do the interval anyway and try some negative half dragonflag instead (let’s be honest, it ended up being a quarter at most). I gave the appropriate feedback (couldn’t do any properly or whatever it’s called). So far so good. But what do I see in my workout tomorrow? 4x8 dragonflags :anguished: Not quite sure what to do with that. Any advice?

Edit: If I substituted the dragonflags with, say, jackknives for example, the interval looks quite reasonable though. So I don’t really want to decrease difficulty. I could just do another session altogether, I geht something without dragonflags then, but that doesn’t seem that sustainable.

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I have the same thing with pushups … I can’t do any (at least not the way you’re supposed to them in FL). Every time I indicate that I had to replace them and/or that I couldn’t do any. But coach keeps giving me workouts with pushups :woman_shrugging:
It could be because I’ve got the skill progression for pushups activated. If that’s the case then maybe if you deactivate the dragonflags skill progression you won’t see them in your routines anymore …

Thanks Ben!

Pity though the feature has been removed