Asking to the coach new exercices

After my interval, there is no more this space where we could give a feedback to the coach if it was too hard or too easy. Today, you just say if the technique was excellent or poor. At the end of my workout, it tells me how it was and how I feel and to share in the community.
In this space, I give my feedback to the coach… Am I right or wrong? And how I can ask him to give me some new exercices as declined push-ups? OK, I do not have a box but I put in my preferences that I have because a training platform or a stool goes too. And I live in an apartment, I just cannot make so many noises…
Since my beginning with freeletics two years ago, my coach never gave me that exercice for upper chest. How can I do, as I want to train that part. Thank you for your help… Best.

Hi @Yvan, what Journey are you doing?

I believe there are two parts of the Coach feedback, one for form and one for “how easy/hard” it was.

in any case, if you feel like it was too easy, feel free to use the adapt button for your next session and tell the Coach to give you a harder session.

If you have elected box as equipment, declined push up is in the exercise pool of the Coach so once the Coach has assessed that you were ready for that exercise, it will assign it to you.
If you want to train chest a bit more, also check that you have unlocked push ups as an exercise in the skill progression settings.