How to adjust coach?


Is there any beginner friendly exercises in the coach? I’m basically a potato and I have iron deficiency. I told it in the beginning that I get fatigued after a few stairs.

Warmup starts with 20 jumping jacks and I’m almost dead after that, panting, sweating. But that’s not the problem. I somehow manage to get through the exercises (usually 2-3x of the estimated time, I have to plan accordingly).

The most frustrating part is the cooldown. I read everywhere that correct technique is the most important, never settle for less. I can barely hold the cobra for 10 secs. I can touch my shin if I get angry, but the girl basically kisses the ground while holding her toes, legs apart. So what is the correct technique here?

How to tell the coach that I bleed out on cooldown. (Of course when it asks I tell it it’s too much and couldn’t do it with good technique, but the cooldown is natural for it, no asking.) I can’t do about 70% of the cooldown exercises especially after workout. I fell like a sack of wheat while I stretched my hips. (And it registers as completed exercise even though I was panting flat on the floor, I didn’t achieved that)

So long story short, what to change in the coach to get achieveable exercises?

Thanks in advance.

P. S. It could use the microphone to listen and when I am fighting for air it should ask if I want to lower the reps. :smiley:

Unfortunately there is no way to tone down the warm up and cool down part. Just try your best and give your honest feedback after every session and believe me you will be able to do all that with consistency and patience :slight_smile:

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I have a strange feeling that it doesn’t really listen to me. I always give honest too much, not good technique, but it keeps bombing me with 30 reps from something I can’t even do 5 times. When will it starts listening to me? I’m currently on day 3. I know the 1st week is assessment week, but it should assess my weakness from day 1, shouldn’t it? Or it gets me through that week whatever happens and starts acting on week 2?


Hi @redlinegme , there are 3 beginner friendly Training Journey: Start Strong, Fit for Life and 15 minutes fitness. I think Start strong is the easiest one.
When it comes to stretching, yes the form is important but our body has limit and we need to work with our current level of flexibility. For instance, I cannot touch my toes when I bend over and I have been stretching for the past 5 years at least! As long as you feel the targeted stretch you are on the right path, there is no need to pull a muscle by over doing it. For example for the cobra, you don’t need to extend the arms if it doesn’t feel confortable, you can rest on your elbows instead and you will feel the strech in your abs.
Maybe read the exercise description in the app as well to see what is the goal of a specific stretch. Always better to be safe doing these movements!


Thanks for the answers. After reading a lot of topics I found out that I have to lower the difficulty in each session every day. Maybe this will help me feel achievement instead of failure and keep me motivated. And perhaps, by a little chance I’ll have a little leftover strenght for cooldown.

Thanks for the support. Onwards to a fit life!


Please don’t be afraid of failure! There’s not a week that goes by when most of us don’t fail in at least something:+1:t2: Showing up the next day, and then consistently the following day, and then the next day, and giving it another try and getting consistently stronger/fitter is what will help you reach your goal.

Please, do give the Coach honest feedback at the end of each session, and it will very quickly reach the right level, where the workouts are still hard, but should be achievable.

We’re all here to support and motivate each other when you need it :+1:t2: Which reminds me, @TomG, you’re looking :muscle:t2: :muscle:t2: :muscle:t2: in your new profile pic!



Thanks @Ben ! :muscle::muscle: