How to tell coach I can already do pull ups?


Joined Freeletics a couple of days ago. Been doing cali work for years but wanted something to push me through a stale patch. Workouts have been fun so far but the frustrating thing is it keeps programming things like jumping pull ups, assisted pull ups etc when i can already do 20 unassisted strict pull ups. How do I tell the coach that I can already do this? Same thing is happening with double unders, which i can do, and handstands (been training Handstand push ups and wall walks for awhile now).

Do i just have to wait until coach catches up or is there a quicker way to give this feedback?

Thanks for your help


just go to the explore tab and do these exercises. The coach will soon learn that you‘re able to do them.


Thanks. Just did that. Did the pull-ups as an individual exercise, got the pull up badge but it’s still wanting me to do 3 negatives as part of my progression to strict pull ups in my next workout. Pretty frustrating. When I go into milestones it still only has the first level activated. Thanks anyway

Edit: 5 mins later and it seems to have worked. Should have been patient. Thanks again for your help!