Free weights + dumbbells training journey

Hi. There is the hybrid training journey that’s a hybrid of free weight with weight bar. But I’m missing something similar changing weight bar with dumbbells. I get better results with dumbbells and I want to mix it at the same time with free weight (calisthenics).

Anyone thinks it’s missing the same?

Let’s make this training journey posible! One solution will be to the existing hybrid training journey changing the bar exercise to dumbbell exercises.

If you think that will be good also, comment here so the team can see there is people searching for the same :blush:


Hi @marccubellsagraz, this is a great idea!
Until then, feel free to replace the barbell movements with their corresponding dumbbell movements.



I’ve been working for gaining muscle via Dumbblle Gain Journey program for sometime. I see some improvements both strength and visual aspects. Its cardio benefit is shown as 1/3. I’d like to workout hybrid strength but it offers barbell workouts and I don’t want to lift heavier weights besides i saw more benefit with dumbbells than barbel. My suggestion is to add hybrid dumbbell strength program in FL too if it is feasible.


:clap::clap::clap: I hope too