Barbell Journey

Hi - i’m following barbell journey. ive 2 questions.

  1. I’m changing the weight on each session for my bench and then getting asked whether it was ok great etc. Im responding based on the weight I’ve changed to. The app on the next session doesn’t seem to remember this and goes back to a much lighter weight, is this correct?

  2. I don’t have the roof or outside space at the moment to do a push press so am using the landmine attachment on a single arm - is there a way to replace the push press with this exercise?

Hi @shaun1 :
1 - this is correct, it might just take some time for the coach to adjust. Feel free to change the weight yourself and not adjust the app and give feedback as it was too light. Maybe that can help the Coach to adjust quicker.

2 - there is no option to replace the exercise, but I would just make a mental note to switch that exercise every time it comes up and use the weight the app recommends. That way you can still track your weights

Thx Tom so adjust the weight before lifting but tell it too light post lifting? Is that how the Algo works? Re.2 as I thought, cheers.

Hi @shaun1 , maybe adjust the weight on your barbell as you would do but don’t tell the coach, and then tell him it was way too easy.

The coach should adjust the weight whenever you adjust your weights in the app, but as it doesn’t seem to do it on yours, maybe this can force him to adapt.

Hi Shaun, you are probably experiencing the bug that I reported a while ago on this forum. It seems that when you lower the weight during the warm-up phase, this makes the Coach think that you are not able to lift that load and therefore will adjust the next session with a lower weight.

Interesting. Im doing a mix of increasing and lowering as I don’t have fractional weights. How did you get round it? Thanks for sharing btw, much appreciated.

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I also don’t have weight fractions, so I often have to round numbers. Knowing that these problems arise during the warm-up, I avoid lowering the weight suggested by the coach. At most, I use a higher weight and indicate it. During the session, however, it seems to me that these problems do not exist, so I indicate the actual weight used and at the end I give feedback based on it. If I am unable to complete all the repetitions required, or if I complete them by dirtying up the technique too much, I tell the coach that the weight was too high.

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ok - ill try a couple of things and see how I go - cheers

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A follow up question no this. How do I check what I entered last time out on my workout - eg, ok, too heavy etc? Ive had the same issue today and I’m sure I hit ok on everything yet I’ve dropped 40kg on the same reps (10) with an extra set. seems extreme…

Added - today I ignored the app and used virtually the same as I did on Monday, and I said ok and great/excellent for all… what can I expect next time round. Same weight or an increase (which I don’t need)?

From what you report, the bug has not yet been resolved… however, it is not possible to review past feedback. You could write a note in the post at the end of the session as a diary.