Barbell weight progression

Hi! I am into week 4 of training with the barbells. I am training for strength and I am trying to understand the logic behind the weight being assigned for exercises.

For e.g. Bench press progressing from 8 X 15 Lbs, 6 x 20 Lbs, 4 x 30 Lbs, and then ending with 3 x 8 x 35 Lbs.

This is well below my ability to do 10 x 160+. I have constantly fed the app data to let it know that the weights are too light. TBH, the current progression does not feel like a workout at all. How can this be changed? Cheers!

Hey Arjun :wave:t2:

Is this :point_up:t2: in an upcoming session?

Can you share a screenshot showing which one below?


Hi Ben! Attaching an example for my next session. These are deadlifts at 8 x 75 Lbs. These are so light that I barely feel like I have worked out. Hope this helps!

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Hi @arjun, this is weird I’ve never had this problem before!
Did you enter all your max estimates when starting the journey? You can also use the “C” button to change the weight during a workout and the Coach will adapt the next sessions.

Thanks Tom, that’s what I am doing for the last few weeks. The AI continues to baffle me though. Just for laughs, here are the recommendations for push presses today.

P.S.- The bar alone weighs a lot more than 5 Lbs! I wonder what the solution to get better recommendations is?

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Hmmmm that is super weird, I’ve never had this issue before…
@Ben , would you have any insights?

Hey @arjun I’ve looked in to this and basically @TomG asked the right question here :point_down:t2:

I’ll send you a message :+1:t2:


Thanks Ben, I did enter the right 1 RM estimates. The program was on track with correct recommendations for about 10-15 days before it has plummeted to it’s current super light weight recommendations.

Just to add: I went with the light weights for the first 3-4 days because I thought the AI coach was switching up things. Which also leads me to wonder, how cool would it be if the app were to add a functionality to tell the lifter more about the logic behind the specific weight or exercise being assigned.

For eg. 6 X 25 Lbs . 4 X 50 Lbs, 8 X 80 Lbs - training programme chosen for today to progressively increase load on your shoulders.

The errors aside, this is the only thing that you get from a coach whom you can meet person, as opposed to the AI version!


I think this is something we would ideally like to see in the app, the current Training Journey overview is good, but it really is just an overview and I think a lot of Athletes would like more information as to what exactly is the goal behind each session :+1:t2:



I am experiencing the exact same thing. @Ben you did send Arjun a message, do you care to share its content here?

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