Barbell that weighs only 2.5 kg?

I get confused about the weight of the exercises. Surely the wieght includes the barbell. However I have never seen a barbell of 2.5 kg.

I this a bug?

No, it isn’t. Hot Iron Bars are in fact available with 2.5KG.

Sorry but the average barbell is 15kg for ladies or 20kg men.

What barbell are we talking about…?

Do I need to get a barbell to warm up with 2.5 kg? Where could I buy one?

Hi @patrick1, I personally replace with dumbbells or plates if the weight is lower than an Olympic barbell.

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@patrick1 I just answered your question whether it’s a bug or not. And no, this isn’t a bug. There is no way in the app to setup which kind of barbell do you have (Hot Iron, Olympic, Biceps Curl one,… there is a wide range of different barbell types). So if you are facing a warmup with an empty barbell weighing less than yours, than you can either use another weight (like KB, DB, Plate, PVC or a bottle of water - whatever feels comfortable) or switch the weight so it’s fitting your barbell.

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Ok thanks. This is where my brain malfunctions. When I see a barbell exercise my brain doesnt allow other equipment. I’ll try to be a bit more flexible :smirk::kissing_heart: